Discipleship Courses.

This Page is designed to give the training a Christian needs to grow. This page is not made to replace a local new testament church but is a tool of the church for those needing trained to grow as a Christian.

Where Do I Begin?


The beginning of every Christian Walk begins at salvation through Jesus Christ. In this video I will explain with scripture why this is the most important step in any persons life.

Why Do I need Salvation? Click Here

What is Salvation, and How do I Receive it?Click Here


Once someone has trusted Christ as thier savior, they are saved forever. Salvation is something we can be assured is permanent and no man can remove. 

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Why is Baptism important?

Baptism is the first step in obedience to your savior Jesus Christ. It is a crucial step for every believer.

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The needfulness of a daily walk

A daily walk is crucial for the Christian. Christ intended for each individual to seek him in their daily life. 

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Why Church?

Christ left the church behind in order to perform his Great Comission. That is to see people saved, baptised and teach them all things Christ has commanded. These things can not be seperated from the church.

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Why Bapitist?

Biblical Authority

The foundation of the Baptist faith is the Bible itself. We believe that it is the infallible, perfect word of God. 

A lesson on why we believe in Biblical Authority.  Click Here



Autonomy of the Local Church

The church answers to no other church, and is not under any other authority. This is to say that the church is self-governing.


Priesthood of the Believer

Any believer has the same access to the throne of grace as any other believer. Believers are able to pray to God without any other believer having to go on thier behalf. 

Two Offices

We believe that there are two church offices given to us in scripture. The pastor and the deacon.

Individual Soul Liberty

A man or woman has the right to be wrong if they want to be. You cannot force anybody to believe what you believe. A PERSON HAS THE RIGHT TO WORSHIP ACCORDING TO THEIR OWN CONSCIENCE! A hot button right now is the fact that we now have a muslim as a member of congress, but to a true baptist believe should not be up in arms about that, She has a right to believe and practice what she wants and we have not authority to make her conform to what we believe! Though we do not agree with her beliefs she has as much of a right as anyone else to represent her beliefs

Saved Baptized Church Membership

Church membership only consists of believers who were first saved by Jesus Christ and then followed him in believers baptism.

Two Ordinances

We believe that the only two ordinances given to us in scripture are Baptism and The Lords Supper. 

Separation of Church and State

Though this is believed by man to be in the constitution, i would challenge you to find this phrase as you will not. After Thomas Jefferson was elected as President a group of Baptists wrote him concerning their concerns of religious freedom and in his response was the following statement made “their legislature should ʺmake no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,ʺ thus building a wall of separation between Church & State.” Jan 1 1802